My 5 Step Hormone Balance Process

Step 1 Make A Decision

What route will you take? I took 3 and in this order:
Pity Party / Self Medicate
Doctor’s Office Visit / Prescriptions
Research and Take Charge (this is what worked best)

Step 2 Give yourself some Grace and Pause

You will have bad days and that is okay
-have an exit plan
-no negative self talk
-take action

Step 3 Be open to the thought that you might be doing this to yourself

-educate yourself about what Hormone Imbalance is
-research the causes and what you can do to reverse, fix or eliminate the things in your life that are causing the biggest problems or symptoms

Step 4 Become a Good Listener of your own body

-our bodies are screaming at us and sending us signals that we often times either ignore or cover up. Take notice. Auto-immune disorders, peri-menopause, PMS are all signals. The symptoms we have from these signals are not normal. And in most cases can be reduces, controlled or eliminated…naturally.

Step 5 Create A Legacy for your family and children to live by

-I include my family in this process and what to share and educate them as much as possible about this topic. We all have hormones and the best way to deal with them is to understand them, embrace their change and respect their function.

The books I referred to in this video:
The Wisdom of Menopause…
Mother-Daughter Wisdom -Creating a Legacy of Health
Mother Daughter Wisdom – Understanding the bond to health

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