Dy Ann’s #1 Weight Loss Tool ~ Chia Seeds

As I get older I am finding that staying fit in my 40’s can be an uphill battle.  So I am always on the lookout for little tricks and tips to help make staying healthy and fit easier.  And I love sharing those little tricks and tips with you.

10 Reasons You Should  Eat Chia Seeds

1. Curb your appetite and lose weight 

I add 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds to my meals throughout the day.   Chia Seeds are great in Scrambled Egg Whites, Oatmeal, Quinoa and of course your Shakeology.   When the Chia Seeds are exposed to liquid they form a gel coating which increases its size and weight.  This gel coating has zero calories and will make your body feel full longer.

I will also add a tablespoon of Chia Seeds to about a 1/4 cup of cold water and let it sit for about 5 minutes, or until the gel coating forms on the seeds.   I eat the Chia Seeds as a paste as a snack to curb a craving.

2. Balance blood sugar levels

Do you get those mid afternoon energy drops?  Do you reach for caffeine or a sugary snack to get you through your mid day slump?  Try having a healthy snack that include Chia Seeds.

The soluble and insoluble fiber in Chia Seeds along with its gelling action will slow down your body’s conversion of starches into sugars.  Turning your food into steady energy and decreasing your mid day energy dives.

3. Helps Prevent Diverticulitis / Diverticulosis

With the abundance of over-processed foods and white flour on the market today, rich sources of fiber are harder to come by. These foods of convenience have contributed to the rise of diverticulitis. Irregularity is a big factor in this risky condition. To help ensure regularity, you need plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. If you don’t want to eat celery, and whole-grain everything…or piles of bran flakes, the Chia Seed is here to help. Each seed is coated with soluble fibers which aid its gelling action. The exterior of the seed is protected by insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber is unable to be digested (it does not contribute any calories, or break down) so instead, it helps keep food moving smoothly through the digestive process. Soluble fiber, and the gel coating of the seed keeps the colon hydrated and ensures the easy movement of food.

4. Omega-3 Oils without fish

If you want to get your Omega-3 oils in, but are not up for eating fish every day, then Chia Seeds are here to help.   Chia Seeds contain more Omega-3s than Salmon (by weight).  And take on a neutral flavor when added to foods…so you don’t have to have the smell or flavor of food to get your Omega-3s.

Omega-3 is important in maintaining healthy cholesterol and heart health.   Omega-3 oils have also shown to help overweight dieters lose weight more efficiently than dieters who did not consume Omega-3 oils.

5. Sustain your energy throughout the day

Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan looking for plant-based sources of complete protein?  Chia seeds are a low calorie complete protein source.  Unlike peanut butter and some beans which have to be combined with other foods to get the full protein benefit, Chia Seeds are a complete protein.  This type of complete protein along with the vitamins, minerals and Chia’s  ability to help you balance your blood sugar levels will make you feel energized throughout your day.

6. Reduce the fat in baking

The Chia gel that is formed when your seeds are added to water can be used as a butter substitute for baking.   Just substitute half of the butter for your Chia Seed paste.   The extra antioxidants from the Chia Seeds will also increase the healthy benefits of your baked goods.

7. Add age-defying anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants have been in the news lately due to their super healthy benefits. You know that blueberries and several exotic fruits (that aren’t always in season) have them, but did you know that chia is extremely high in anti-oxidants too? These helpful substances are what makes the Chia Seed stay fresh for so long. At room temperature, they’ll stay fresh and ready to eat for over two whole years! And that’s all without a single chemical or preservative. This amazing ability is not found in other seeds like flax or sesame, because those seeds don’t have the same rich anti-oxidant content.

Anti-oxidants help prevent free-radical damage in your body. Free radicals lead to problematic conditions such as premature aging of the skin and inflammation of various tissues. Fight free radical damage by staying fresh and healthy with nature’s anti-oxidant powerhouse

8. Increase your calcium with dairy 

Craving milk?  You could be deficient in calcium.  If you are like me and cannot consume dairy for dietary reasons….then Chia Seeds might be what you need to add calcium back into your diet.   Along with calcium, Chia Seeds are also high in magnesium and boron both trace minerals that your body needs to help aid in the absorption of calcium.  Having adequate amounts of these trace minerals will help reduce your cravings.   Having adequate calcium in our diets is essential for women of child bearing, perimenopausal  and menopausal years.  Loss of bone due to declining estrogen levels will cause a lose of bone more quickly than you replace it, increasing your risk of osteoporosis.

9. Enhance the flavor of your food

Because the Chia Seed is flavorless you can add it to food without changing the flavor of the food you are adding it to.    As the seeds hydrate they will actually take on the flavor of the food they are added to, thus enhancing that food’s flavor……..want a more chocolatey shake?  Add in those Chia Seeds.

10. Spend less on diet aids

Eat less, feel full!  Get your Omega-3s with out spending money on expensive Salmon.  Keep your calcium levels where they need to be without the use of supplements.  Living a healthy lifestyle should not break your bank.   Use Chia Seeds in place of expensive diet aids you may be currently using.

I purchase my Chia Seeds at my local Sprouts Market.   My bag costs me $10 and lasts all month.


Adding Chia Seeds to your favorite meals is easy.

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7 thoughts on “Dy Ann’s #1 Weight Loss Tool | Chia Seeds

  1. Never thought of buying them before. Next time I’m at sprouts I’ll pick up a bag and give them a try!

  2. Thanks Dy Ann, i’m gonna get me some along with some dental floss as you suggest!

  3. Thanks Dy! Makes me think of the old Chia Pet plants! I will have to try these out.

  4. After reading Thrive by Brazier, I’ve been adding chia seeds to my oat bran as well as to my Shakeology. I like that it doesn’t have the estrogenic effects of flax seeds and I don’t need to grind it if I don’t have time. Great blog entry!

  5. Anne

    I already add them to my Shakeology mostly for the energy benefits. I wasn’t aware of all their other benefits! Great post, Dy Ann!

  6. Chrissy Evans

    Should the chia seeds be purchased at health food store?

    1. dyparham

      It isn’t necessary.

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