Insanity Week 1 is done!

Day 7: REST DAY!

I hope you are feeling amazing.  Take advantage of this day. This 24 hours of rest will do your body good. Remember to continue to EAT CLEAN. Drink plenty of water and begin to prepare yourself for Insanity week 2. We start week 2 with Insanity’s Cardio Power & Resistance. I love this workout. Lots of upper body conditioning mixed in with that intense Insanity CARDIO!!!

Form over SpeedLooking back on week 1, how do you think you did? Did you take your time and concentrate on your form? Remember FORM over Speed is always your best bet with Insanity. As you progress along with this workout program your form will start to become second nature to your body….that is when the speed will kick in.

I don't dietHow was your nutrition? Could you have done better? Did you feel sluggish during your workouts? I always make sure to have my E&E Energy & Endurance Pre Workout Formula 15 – 20 minutes before each Insanity workout. Then post workout I reward my body with my Shakeology. I try to get my Shakeology into my body within an hour of completing my workout for best recovery results.

My Fitness PalIf you are having trouble tracking your caloric intake try using an online calorie tracker this week. I use My Fitness Pal. Simple to use on your desktop and with your mobile devices.

If you are looking for some simple to make Clean food ideas check out our Healthy Family Recipes tab.

Thank you for following us on this journey. If you are ready to give Insanity a go we would love to have you join us! Get yourself started right by purchasing your Insanity Challenge Pack and join our Facebook Accountability Group for FREE PRIVATE COACHING!


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