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The Happiness Advantage

By Shawn Achor

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Part 2: The Happiness Advantage, The Fulcrum and the Lever, The Tetris Effect & Falling Up

  • The Happiness Advantage
  • Happy people have the advantage in EVERY aspect of life: relationships, work, parenting, health, fitness etc…
  • Mindset and mood are positive and everything else falls in place.
  • Happiness is relative to the person who is perceiving it.
  • Be careful to not measure your level of happiness against another person.
  • It is the joy we feel striving after our own potential.
  • Creating happiness habits:
    • meditate
    • infuse positivity into your surroundings
    • exercise
    • spend on experiences not quick fixes
    • utilize our signature strengths
    • conscious acts of kindness
    • know your strengths


  • The Fulcrum & the Lever
  • Find the positive spin in a situation
  • Look for opportunities to create positivity and confidence in others
  • Are you owning things that you should let go of?
  • How much potential and possibility we have is the “length of our lever”
  • The position of our fulcrum is the mindset with which we generate the power to change.
  • Our potential is never fixed, we always have an opportunity to create a new outcome.


  • The Tetris Effect
  • Training your brain to capitalize on possibilities.
  • Where you put your focus is what you begin to become.
  • Choose what you fill your brain with (what you watch, what you listen to, who you spend time with).
  • Our brains see what we want them to see, so expose it to what you want it to see.


  • Falling Up
  • Capitalize on the downs to build upward momentum.
  • The nature of success is the measure of resilience.
  • How many times will you take a no before you give up, or will you ever give up?
  • Circling:
    • Spiral, mental hamster wheel
  • Furthering Negativity:
    • Perpetuating the problem when we fear conflict, change
  • Leads us from failure or setback
    • Mapped out success, just find your path there
    • Do you believe what you want is something you can attain, regardless of your setbacks?
  • Freedom to change our choices, exercise this right.
  • Adversity can be a step towards greatness if we choose to see it that way.


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for Today’s Aging Woman



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