July Book of the Month Club

GRIT By: Angela Duckworth

Below you will find the REPLAY from our July 19th, LIVE Instagram Broadcast. 

How Gritty are you?


  • Job, career, and calling: Your purpose is IN your calling. Have you been able to fulfill your purpose even if you are currently in a job or career?
  • Do you have a mindset that will take you where you want to go? What do you do to keep your mindset pointed in a positive direction?
  • Treat HOPE as an action step, not just a feeling.
  • Are you parenting your children or even yourself in a way that helps you grow grit?
  • Are you practicing what you are preaching to your children or those in your care or under your guidance?
  • Please share that with us in the comments section below. (Don’t forget: you can access the downloads if you have purchased the audible version).

I hope you will join us again next week. 

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We will go LIVE at 2 PM CST on Friday, July 26th to continue our discussion on GRIT.

for Today's Aging Woman
for Today’s Aging Woman



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