August Book of the Month Club

Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis

Below you will find the REPLAY from our August 24th, LIVE Instagram Broadcast. 

What lies are you believing and what are you going to do about them?

  • Lie 16: I Can’t Tell the Truth (Chp. 16)
  • Are you being honest about those things you struggle with?
    • Bring that part of your story to the surface so that you can move past it.
    • Realize that some of them ARE out of your control.
    • Share with others!
    • Take the time to process and allow yourself time heal.
    • Find others who have experienced the same things you have.
  • Lie 17: I Am Defined By My Weight (Chp. 17)
  • Are you obsessed with a number?
    • Stop using a number on a scale as a way to judge you and your own self-worth.
    • If you feel good and are happy, STICK with that!
    • Don’t exit your current lifestyle. Enjoy the lifestyle you have!
    • Make decisions that are going to allow you to look and feel YOUR best while living your most authentic life!
  • Lie 18: I Need a Drink (Chp. 18)
  • Are you using alcohol as an escape?
    • Don’t make unconscious choices that allow you to be checked out.
    • Alcohol does NOT remove the things that stress you.
    • Create some boundaries and change your habits.
  • Lie 19: There’s Only One Right Way to Be (Chp. 19)
  • Are you loving EVERYONE well?
    • Be open to love all people.
    • Give others the opportunity to be who they are.
    • Good people exist in all colors, shapes, sizes, and origins.
  • Lie 20: I Need a Hero (Chp. 20)
  • Do you feel like you NEED a hero?
    • Look within.
    • Write down your past “wins”
    • Remind yourself constantly and change your outlook about what you can do!
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for Today's Aging Woman

for Today’s Aging Woman



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