August Book of the Month Club

Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis

Below you will find the REPLAY from our August 17th, LIVE Instagram Broadcast. 

What lies are you believing and what are you going to do about them?

  • Lie 11: Other People’s Kids Are So Much Cleaner/Better Organized/More Polite (Chp. 11)
  • Are you comparing your experience to that of other mothers?
    • Everyone has something to struggle with whether or not you see it.
    • Can you put your head down at night knowing you have done the best YOU can do in a day with your children?
  • Lie 12: I Need to Make Myself Smaller (Chp. 12)
  • How were you exposed to love and what were the examples you had surrounding love?
    • Dig deep, reflect on why you think and feel the way you think and feel.
    • Talk to someone about it…get some therapy.
    • Stop chasing relationships that never work.
    • Don’t make yourself less so that someone will love you.
  • Lie 13: I’m Going to Marry Matt Damon (Chp. 13)
  • What are your expectations of your spouse?
    • It takes TWO.
    • Constantly work on YOUR marriage if you want more.
    • What are you doing to get yourself through that season?
  • Lie 14: I’m a Terrible Writer (Chp. 14)
  • What lie are you telling yourself that you are not good enough to do what you want to do?
    • Hone in on what it is you are wanting to excel at.
    • Make sure you are finding joy in what you want to do.
    • Do not pay too much to attention to criticism that is NOT constructive.
    • Figure out why other people’s opinions matter so much to you and how to get over it.
  • Lie 15: I’m Never Going to Get Past This (Chp. 15)
  • Have you figured out how to let the past go?
    • There are some things that are just out of your control.
    • How you deal with a trauma is always your choice.
    • Figure out how to deal with those things you CAN control instead of focusing on those that are not in your control.
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I hope you will join us again next week. 

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for Today's Aging Woman

for Today’s Aging Woman



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