Using your FitBit HR to monitor your fitness progress

Posted by Dy Ann Parham – Fitness Nutrition Motivation on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate?

The most common formula of 220 minus your age is what I use to calculate my Maximum Heart Rate (MHR). This is the starting point. And because everyone is at different ages…..our starting point will vary.

Here is a chart to simplify things.


HR Chart

Important Note: A few high blood pressure medications lower the maximum heart rate and thus the target zone rate. If you’re taking such medicine, call your physician to find out if you need to use a lower target heart rate.

Zones discussed in the video and what will record on your FitBit HR Dashboard.


Your heart rate is greater than 85% of maximum, is the high-intensity exercise zone (HIIT workouts, sprints, burpees, etc.).

The peak zone is for short intense sessions that improve performance and speed.


Your heart rate is 70 to 84% of maximum, is the medium-to-high intensity exercise zone. (Running, TurboFire, Cize, swimming, biking, walking hills)

In this zone, you’re pushing yourself but not straining. This is the exercise zone most people target.


Your heart rate is 50 to 69% of maximum, is the low-to-medium intensity exercise zone and may be a good place to start for those new to exercise. It’s called the fat burn zone because a higher percentage of calories are burned from fat, but the total calorie burn rate is lower. (Strength Training, Resistance Band work, walking)

FitBit Dashboard Reading from one of my runs.

FitBit Dashboard Reading

How you can track your PEAK, CARDIO and FAT BURN Zones from your FitBit Dashboard.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 18.00.45


Your heart rate is below 50% of maximum, your heart rate may still be elevated but not enough to be considered exercise.

This is for those who live an active lifestyle and might be tracking a lot of steps on their tracker that do not involve exercise as described in the zones above.

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