5 Reasons Why You Need An Accountability Partner

Posted by Dy Ann Parham – Fitness Nutrition Motivation on Thursday, April 7, 2016

1.  Partners make a great accountability tool

Seems like a no brainer….but we often overlook the obvious.  Having someone that relies on you and you having someone to rely on is probably the biggest reason you want to have an accountability partner.  We are so OKAY with letting ourselves down but we are not so OKAY will letting our friends or our partners down.  I know if I set a date with my Accountability Partner she will not let me down.

2.  Your performance can improve

Let you partner know what your goals are and have them help you reach them. Make sure you make a commitment to hold each other to your goals.

3. Partners are great for conversation

My running time with my partner is also my social time.  We are all busy.   It is great to have  friend to spend time with and catch up on life with while I am also getting my exercise done for the day.

4. It is safer

It is just nice to have another person that can help if someone gets injured or needs help.   It is also just a comfort knowing you are not alone.

5.  Partners are great motivators

Closely tied to accountability and improving performance, a running partner is someone who helps support you in your goals and will help you believe in yourself. Both of you are working to improve your health by doing this activity, so of course your partner will be there to keep pushing you when you want to give up. They can also call you on your BS when you make excuses. A running partner is like your own little cheerleader, so listen to them!


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